What are my guest commentary bcs title game thoughts and opinions?

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L.S.U. vs. The Crimson Tide of Alabama!

     The entire free world wants and needs Alabama to play L.S.U. again in the B.C.S. title game. This is entirely unfair to the Tigers of L.S.U. They have already beat Alabama once. Alabama has seen them once already. This gives Alabama an unfair advantage. I am a fan of the Florida State Seminoles and a native of the great state of Florida were the best brand of football is played and the football athletes grow up chasing chickens and rabbits to enhance their speed, quickness and fast action muscle twitch fibers. Several years ago we had a storied season. We played and beat the Florida Gators where they say, “If you aint a gator you’re gator bait baby”. Sure enough it was a season in which every other team in division I sucked so the powers that be matched us up against Florida again in the National Championship and the Steve Spurrier coached Gators beat us in the Sugar Bowl down in old New Orleans. They were returning punts and kicks and it was a total disaster for F.S.U. I remember a Notre Dame friend of mine saying before the game that it was unfair to match the two teams up again and that it was unfair to Florida State because they beat the Gators already.

     My Guest Commentary bcs title game thoughts are this. You see in division I its easy to beat a team the second time around when you have seen them once already and especially when the second game is for all the marbles. So it’s completely unfair to match up the Tigers against the Crimson Tide a second time around. The powers that be are more concerned with acquiring an epic game as opposed to acquisitioning and harnessing an environment of an equitable distribution of fairness. It is flat out unfair to matchup L.S.U. against Alabama a second time around. I would’ve been rooting for Houston but wow did they stink it up against Southern Miss. Regardless even if the Houston Cougars would’ve run the table the fact is their opponents this year were a little less than stellar. What a lot of people don’t understand about the division I ratings system is that its not who you lose to. It’s who you lost to and who they have lost to. The reason Alabama remains in the BCS title game conversation is that they lost to L.S.U. and L.S.U. has run the table. If you lose to a team and that team goes on to lose games to a bunch of cupcakes then that makes you look really bad as far as the ratings systems goes. Alabama’s only loss was to L.S.U. and L.S.U. has gone undefeated and also has beaten some pretty good teams up to and including Arkansas which was ranked number 3 at the time. If L.S.U. had lost to other teams besides beating Alabama then Alabama’s value would drop in the polls. As it stands L.S.U.’s stellar undefeated record is what has kept Alabama in the B.C.S. title game conversation in the weeks following the loss to the L.S.U. Tigers.

     So who should L.S.U. play? This year everyone else looks revolting. Its been said that this years L.S.U. Tiger football team will go down in history as one of the best teams ever to take the college football field. I’ve been watching college football a long long time growing up as a kid in the Florida northwestern panhandle. If L.S.U. goes on to win the B.C.S. title game then I would agree. This would be one of the best teams to take the field in my lifetime. I’ve never seen a team as big as these guys are to be so quick and fast. A lot of quick, fast teams these days are small statured young gentlemen. These Tigers are really big to be as quick and as fast as they are. They get off to slow starts then they just begin pounding you and getting un-conventional touchdowns. Then they pound you more and more until the final whistle. So who should L.S.U. play? Size wise it should probably be Wisconsin or Big Whiskey as I have always affectionately called them as long as I’ve watched them in both football and basketball. The only problem is that Wisconsin would find themselves at a track meet with a tortoise shell. Speed wise L.S.U. should probably be playing Oregon but they already played and beat them and took their manhood in the first game of the season. So who is the right combination and speed to matchup with the Tigers of L.S.U.? The first choice would probably be the fighting Hokies of Virginia Tech, only problem is they lost to Clemson in the A.C.C. Championship. This would be a disgusting loss but Clemson is no cupcake. At Clemson its Taj Boyd and Dabo Sweeney and with names like that you have to have an exciting and challenging squad. Once again all the other teams are pretty well not even in the same league so that takes us back to Bama, which once again is unfair to the Tigers.

     I sum up my guest commentary bcs title game opinions with this. Basically the gist of this conversation is the fact that L.S.U. because of the terrain in which they currently find themselves deployed, and because they have separated and set themselves so far apart from everyone else, is and has now become a victim of their own excellence. It’s unfair for them to have to play Alabama again, but there simply is no one else that could hold a candle to a Tiger team that could and will go down as one of the best 22 players to ever hit the field, or maybe the best 44 players with offense, defense, and special teams.

Thank you and God Bless.

Woods, T.M.

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