Should a mosque be built at ground zero?

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What an interesting week leading up to commemorating the nine year mark of the terror attacks of 9/11/01. As the week progressed, the stage was set, the media blanket complete, the lines in the sand drawn, the bantering, the pandering, the squawking and saber rattling, analysis, the pundits, the dimwits all clamoring to be heard on two pressing topics. Should a Ground Zero Mosque be constructed and should a rouge pastor of a church smaller than the royal families in some parts of the Arab world be allowed to torch the holy book of Islam, the Koran? In the first case, is seems a massive misuse of good will, respect, common decency and sense to expect to build a Ground Zero Mosque. Just the fact that there is even this dialog illustrates the differences between America and the freedoms enjoyed here versus the subjugated masses of the Middle East. Can you imagine a group representing those massacred Christians of the Middle East wanting to construct a cathedral, with a huge looming cross on top, celebrating the lives of all who died in the name of Jesus Christ, right smack dab in the middle of Mecca?

Perhaps this line of reasoning should be extended to the proposed Ground Zero Mosque.At the present time, we live in a land where you are free to do things, no matter how misguided, under our freedom of speech, even burn a Koran. Or Bible. Or American flag. We are free to exercise that right and make a dumb choice, as the Vietnamese-American video store owner did in Orange country in 1999, when he put a portrait of Ho Chi Minh in his store’s window. He had the right to do so, but his store was in an area called Little Saigon where the majority of the public was vehemently anti-Communist, having chosen not to exist under such a soul-numbing regime. It didn’t take long for the store owner to change his mind, as the crowd helped him by massive protests and vigils.

Was the supposed, proposed Koran burning just a stunt to get air time in this media soaked world we live in? Did pressure really change the mind of this congregation who align themselves with the same gray-matter challenged folks condoning American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as God’s revenge for the acceptable of homosexuality? (That is one convolved ride in itself and best saved for another day.)

Does God live in the Koran? Does He live in the Bible? Is the burning of either going to turn to dust the supposed creator of all and some how destroy his creditability? Is he not able to take care of himself and does he rely on mere humans to defend his reputation and abilities? In the scope of atrocities committed in the name of Religion, aren’t just burning scriptures a small bleep on the radar of intolerance?

There should no be a Ground Zero Mosque. Ground zero is a mass grave of thousands of innocent people. Mosque building, and Koran burning should take a back seat during such a time of national reflection and introspection. One can only hope that the ten year anniversary of 9/11 will be marked with significantly more integrity and less distractions.

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