How is our culture shaped by politics?

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Casey Anthony innocent? Are you kidding me? Casey Anthony is as innocent as a diamond is soft. And I, for one, blame it all on our political climate because we have a culture shaped by politics. In today's America, our politicians are a direct reflection of our spineless and ignorant dependent class, and our politics have shaped our culture. The spineless and ignorant dependent class holds all the rest of us (non-spineless / non-dependent) hostage to their absolute refusal to call something that goes 'quack' a duck.

The Casey Anthony trial unveiled a 'mother' who allowed her child to be 'missing' from her for a period of over thirty days. It uncovered a car trunk containing chloroform and the unmistakable stench of human decay - in a car to which only Casey Anthony had access. The trial illustrated a woman who was out partying when her child had allegedly been abducted by some babysitter chick. Would somebody please pass me a helmet? My head is about to explode!

How have politics influenced our culture? Our president is a prime example: Barack Hussein Obama is an unmitigated weenie (Anthony Weiner pun intended) who is all talk and no action or experience. Obama was elected on "Hope and change" and has delivered on hopeless and socialist. If you want a gutless society ruled by a chicken-poop government which denigrates capitalism (unless it wants to extort it for more tax income), Obama is ushering it in. He is the epitomy of a culture shaped by politics. He has no real identity - he is a fabrication of all those Americans who hoped an African-American president could right all wrongs.

The people who refuse to accept accountability for themselves and who reject the notion of personal responsibility gladly glom on to the initiatives of the president who panders to unions and offers hollow words when the economy is tanking. A silent minority of Americans are content to accept what the government gives them - and what the government gives them is a ceiling over their heads - a ceiling which prevents them from accomplishing anything beyond mere subsistence. Is this the American dream? To subsist on the minimal crumbs your politicians can legislate for you to receive?

Yet these people appear to be satisfied with an America which presents no real opportunity, but which merely serves to provide for basic needs. Rather than assuming the initiative to accomplish the American dream, a generationally challenged sect appears to reject hope and cling to food stamps.

It is these who have formed the backstop for those who would rather find a Casey Anthony innocent rather than the obvious guilty. It is these free-loaders who have ushered in the day in which 'tolerance' and 'reasonable doubt' rules the hour rather than common sense and accountability to the law.

In times bygone, people were ashamed if they required assistance from the government - now, they insist upon it. It used to be that people were expected to use common sense and apply common sense to complex situations - now, people excuse themselves from the application of common sense in the name of 'tolerance' or 'reasonable doubt'.

Bill Clinton gave us Monica Lewinski, cigars, and numerous other indiscretions. Barack Hussein Obama has taken us a notch lower with his 'hope and change', which is merely a metaphor for, "Let the government into every aspect of your life, so you will not achieve, and you will not prosper, and you will aspire only to be equal to whatever is the lowest common denominator."

Casey Anthony (and OJ Simpson for that matter) got acquitted because the general public has been lulled to sleep by those who would claim socialism is better than capitalism; tolerance better than common sense; not guilty better than guilty by reason of sound judgment.

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