Is maintaining conservative values in a hostile environment an impossible task?

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Dear Fellow Americans,

Please allow me to begin by stating, for the record, that I am not a mean person. On the contrary, I am a self described "open arms" Christian. I welcome all who would welcome me. Indeed, I have many friends and acquaintances who do not believe or think the way I do. A few of them I consider to be close friends for the simple fact that they know who I am and love me anyway. In my everyday effort to adhere to the teachings of my Lord and Savior, I reciprocate that love the best way I know how. That "the best way I know how" oftentimes involves debates (arguments) about our respective versions of Truth, is a testament to the strength of the relationships I have been blessed to be a part of. It must always be remembered that maintaining conservative values in a hostile environment involves a brand of Truth not readily found in modern society.

If, on the other hand, my point of view offends some, well, so be it. Get over it. Folks like me have been "getting over it" for years now. It’s your turn.

But, I digress...

The number one reason many self described "conservatives" have been losing national elections at such an alarming rate is quite simple, really. They have no spine. Tough words? Absolutely. The truth isn’t always "sensitive." Indeed, the nauseating insistence on sparing the feelings of everyone within the sound of their voices is what got them into trouble in the first place. For my part, I say no more. Constantly diluting our traditional viewpoint to "stay in step with the changing times" is, and always has been, a recipe for defeat. A simple examination of the last few election cycles will prove this point abundantly. When anyone, regardless of their own ideology, consistently gives the impression that their point of view is subject to change, on the basis of public opinion, probability of success or any other reason, the door is instantly and forever left open to infiltration by the opposition and it’s allies. History has shown, time and again, that the repetition of this mistake can cause irreparable harm to the future of any nation or society. But, alas, all is not lost; but it could be, if we do not act now.

It is time for all true, traditional thinking, conservatives to hold the line. This increased pandering to some mythical "middle" has gone far enough. After all, big or small, it is our tent, and it is a good one. Originally built on solid ground, this shelter is obviously not without noticeable damage, however. These scars were not inflicted by some mean spirited opposition. Try as they may, no non-resident can dismantle this tent but those who have chosen to live in it. Recognizing the fractures, and accepting full responsibility for perpetuating it’s existence involves a choice, plain and simple.

We can recapture our strength from it’s foundation and seal the leaks with Truth, or we can continue to hoard in all who proclaim to have even a tacit interest in our ideals, and hope the added weight will keep the thing upright. My friends, attempting to prop up our tent with weak poles and expand it’s attractiveness with wider doors will only lead to the destruction of the very foundation upon which it was erected. That foundation was selflessly laid by our Founding Fathers, maintained by generations of patriots, and inspired throughout by divine providence. That we (collectively) have forgotten or dismissed these highly pertinent facts is both tragic and arrogant. If we do not begin to act, instead of just whining, it could in fact, be deadly.

The best way to reinvigorate your conservative "activism" is actually the easiest. Just be true. Live your life truthfully. Honor may be difficult to maintain at times, but neither can it be denied that without honor we all lose. Again, I implore you to study history to see that this is always the case. As simplistic as this all sounds, it is absolutely vital to reclaiming the America that was entrusted to us by our ancestors. It is so much easier to convince others that what you believe is right, if you believe it yourself.

And when you do believe it, stick with it come what may. This should not be misconstrued as a license to be arrogant or egotistical. Stoic is just fine. Make others know that what you believe is so important to who you are, that separation is an impossibility. Be respectful of what the opposition has to say, or at least of their God given, American guaranteed, right to hold the view, but do not yield to it if doing so would violate your own beliefs. Compromise on only the most minor details, while holding firm to principal. Always.

On issues ranging from the definition of marriage, to the never ending "debate" over abortion, conservatives need to stand their ground. Again, this may sound simplistic, but nonetheless, it is the single most important thing we can do. Do not be bullied into doubting your beliefs. We have surrendered way too much already. It is these capitulations that have brought us to this unenviable place in our history. Constantly worrying about "increasing the size of our tent" has accomplished nothing more than emboldening our opposition. No where is this more evident (and dangerous) than in social matters.

While it is true enough that security matters trump all else, it is worth noting that the state of domestic social affairs will ultimately dictate foreign policy. When, for example, our more liberal friends gripe about the "plight" of the current residents of club gitmo, do not hesitate to remind them of the reason said inhabitants are detained there. When they accuse our servicemen and women (and those who command them) of "torturing poor Muslims", send them a link to any number of websites which will display, in graphic detail, just what these miscreants and their allies are up to. Do all in your power to make them understand that this is, after all, a war. The objective of anyone engaged in armed conflict is victory. Period. Every available resource should be employed to achieve that goal.

Appealing to the hearts and minds of our foes, and those who support them, has never led to a successful conclusion of any conflict. It’s time for people to fully recognize, publicly, that these animals are hell bent on killing us. These are individuals who literally want to die. Their only stipulation is to take as many of us with them as they can. In a very real sense, they are not human. If that sounds a bit harsh...good. I’m glad you get my point. Now pass it on.

The single most frustrating speed bump on the road to ramping up our security efforts internationally, is the combination of complacency, apathy and just plain old foolishness right here at home. As long as we, as a people, continue this march toward officially insisting that right and wrong are nothing more than a matter of personal perspective, we will continue to contribute to the destruction of our democratic experiment. Indeed, right is right, wrong is wrong, and evil does exist. In fact, evil resides anywhere we let it. If it is not confronted vigorously, it will grow beyond anyone’s ability to control.

Tolerance of evil actions and intentions has always, and will always, lead to expanded conflict and death. No one needs look any further than our own history to be reminded of this fact. While those who know me best will attest to my pro states rights point of view, and deep sympathy for the cause of southerners in the mid nineteenth century, none of them would deny having heard me state, unequivocally, my view that had the slavery issue been dealt with at the nation’s founding, two percent of the American population might not have had to die in a brutal war.

The point is, even then, folks were so enamored with being well received that they allowed their disdain for certain issues and disagreements to fester to the point of explosion. Have we really not learned anything from that example? Maybe we should insist our current leadership reread their history books. Then again, I get the distinct impression that the current administration has little time or desire for such an examination. After all, they got ushered in by a tidal wave of people yearning for "change," whatever that means.

But, therein lies my entire point. A majority of those who elected this crop of career oriented elitists knows virtually nothing about America history, or how we’ve gotten to where we are; good or bad. What’s more, most of them could not define "change" if you paid them. The only thing they knew was that this fellow was not another white guy from Texas. (I’ll go into my thoughts on the previous Commander-in-Chief another time) One of the many reasons for this depressing ignorance is the reluctance on the part of those who call themselves conservatives to drive home their point.

I’ll be the first to admit to committing this error more than once; though as this piece should demonstrate, no longer will I yield. And, you should not either. Hold firm to your ideals. Be respectful, polite and most of all, forgiving. But, do not surrender. We’ve given too much ground already. It is high time to start gaining it back.

This will not be an easy process, nor will it happen overnight. Moreover, reclaiming America "as it was intended" will not be without pain and sacrifice. We must endure these hardships. We must not shrink from the responsibility. Doing so would render the sacrifices of our grandfathers, and their grandfathers, meaningless. I don’t know about you, but when my number is drawn and I meet my grandfathers and all of my heroes in heaven, I want to be able to look them in the eye and honestly claim to have done all I could, to make good on what they gave me. Any other course of action is completely unacceptable to me.

Join me in this fight. Take a sincere stand for what you believe. It’s time to stop cowering to such idiotic and un-American (yes, I said un-American) ideas as political correctness and apathy. The idea of maintaining conservative values in a hostile environment is not a new one, nor is the task getting any easier. Be that as it may, we must endeavor to take our efforts to the next level. To those in our camp whose potential action is stifled by the fear of being negatively labeled by the not so tolerant among us, I can only offer this advice:

Put not your faith in the expansion of moderation, but in Him to whom our faith belongeth...without whose favor and support, all our efforts must ultimately be in vain.

Hold the line, my fellow Patriots.

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