Is the Tea Party Good for America?

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Answered by: Deborah, An Expert in the US Conservative Politics - General Category
The Tea Party is not an actual political party, but a movement. This movement is not only good for America it is what the doctor ordered for this country. The people are becoming involved in politics again. They are looking at the politicians and asking if what they are doing behind closed doors is really the best for the country. The Tea Party people are looking at who gets paid for what, where that idea came from, and is it really what the people want.

The people becoming involved in government is important because our government was set up to be representative government not as a dictatorship or totalitarian type of government. This means that the politicians represent small groups of people in what are called districts. The Tea Party has people looking closer at the representative of their districts and examining what he or she is voting on and what the actual cast vote was. That means the people are paying attention. The people have been asleep too long. Voting the same person back into office regardless of the Representative's voting record on major issues.

The Tea Party has the people looking at the issues, and what Congress is actually doing. The people are becoming informed and learning about the issues for themselves. The people are looking at the benefits and thinking through to 'is there any possible unforeseen problems with this bill, issue?' So many times feel-good bills are passed. A favorite example of a fee- good bill is the Minimum Wage Act. The politicians in DC talk about how this will help people at the lowest wage scale, they completely gloss over the effects on higher wage levels, or the cost of goods. They also overlook the damage done to small businesses. Depending on the size of the business a higher wage can put it out of business. Then the people employed there are now unemployed.

The Tea Party has people trying to get behind those closed doors and finding out what is going on and how the politicians are wasting money on unreasonable expenditures. Like Nancy Pelosi's government-issued jet. Yes, she was Speaker of the House, but the new speaker John Boehner does not have a government-issued jet to use. He did not want to incur the expense. The people are also watching what President Obama is spending. He has taken some outrageous trips, and had high-cost parties at the White House . Why he even said he would go to the Super Bowl if Chicago went. What Obama does not consider is the cost to others when he plans to make a trip someplace. His appearance at the Super Bowl would disrupt the proceedings for everyone else. The Tea Party has us looking at our selfish president, and realizing how childish he is. Not a good thing for a leader to be.

There are changes taking place in this country, people are taking a second and third look at issues and bills. There are people on the radio and television analyzing what our politicians are doing and then speaking out at what they perceive might be injustices. Many times their viewers and listeners agree and that is why the people in fly-over country are starting to say "enough". The Tea Party has enabled people to understand that they are not alone in their worry about the future of their country.

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