What is the current conservative view on immigration in regard to United States' policy?

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The United States of America is a land of immigrants. It was started with European immigrants, and expanded to reach manifest destiny. This was achieved only by accepting and respecting immigrants. However, we have always had to deal with people crossing our borders illegally. The borders of the United States are not secure enough. The laws to penalize illegal aliens are not harsh enough to deter them, or they are not properly enforced.

Once inside the United States, illegal aliens don’t fear deportation. The beaches and highways on our borders do not have enough patrolmen to stop illegal crossings. These aliens, aside from breaking the law for entering without permission, are often drug smugglers or weapons dealers, which poses a threat to national security. The United States’ borders are unrestrained. We need more funds and manpower to resolve this issue. We also need some stronger laws. Although the issue of illegal immigration may never be fully resolved, stronger laws can help reduce it immensely.

On average, 7 million foreigners a year enter our country illegally. Seventy eight thousand of the above estimate are from countries the United States views as a direct threat in the War on Terror. If the United States remains so open and welcoming to illegal immigrants, we are essentially inviting another catastrophe like September 11, 2001 onto ourselves. If we are serious about our safety, and wish to remain free, we must find a way to allow immigrants in legally so they may enhance our quality of life, and not threaten it.

The Immigration and naturalization Services (INS) gave out 1.5 million green cards to illegal aliens in the 90’s. This can only serve to encourage others to enter our country without going through the legal process. Law breakers should not be rewarded for breaking the law (in this case granted amnesty).

A magnet for illegal immigration is job opportunity. Businesses in America hire illegal immigrants because of cheap labor. Maybe, as an incentive for hiring citizens, big companies who do so should get a tax break. If the government offered some form of compensation for the extra money these businesses would spend, it is likely that they would hire Americans. The unemployment rate here is outrageous. We cannot afford to hire people that don’t pay income taxes. Americans need jobs and illegal immigrants are taking them away.

Our government must implement some changes and crack down a little bit if they wish to protect the country they swore an oath to protect both physically and economically. Illegal immigration is a problem that has been argued over for years, and a solution must be found. The most common conservative view on immigration is that it should be limited. Having open borders is not worth the price to national security. The conservative view on immigration may seem severe and close minded but it raises some important points worth noting.

A misconception about conservatism is that they are racist or anti the Latino/Latina community. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Conservatives want to welcome immigrants legally while keeping America safe. Maybe that translates into a need for more lenient immigration laws. The bottom line is that in one way or another the issue of illegal immigration must be resolved.

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